Accountancy and taxation services

Accountancy and taxation services for individuals and companies

  • Registration, variation and cancellation of IAE (Corporate Tax)
  • Tax audits
  • Preparation of the accounts
  • Annual declaration of company tax
  • Statement of instalment payments of company tax
  • Annual declaration of VAT
  • Monthly and quarterly declaration of VAT
  • Taxation of senior executives
  • Taxation for professionals
  • Prompt information on fiscal and taxation changes, and new regulations
  • Instalment payments, direct estimations, modules, registering of invoices and payments made, and preparation of the accounts
  • Succession planning
  • Inheritance taxation planning
  • International financial planning
  • Any other accountancy and taxation matters
  • Tax claims and reimbursements

General accountancy and taxation services

  • Advice on deductions for R+D
  • Advice for non-profit organisations
  • Ongoing financial advice for national and international groups
  • General advice on various accountancy and taxation issues
  • Advice on corporate restructuring
  • Advice on reinvestment
  • Annual declaration of Personal Income Tax and Heritage
  • Due diligence
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Tax planning for corporate groups
  • Representing clients during Spanish Tax Agency audits

Non-residents accountancy and taxation services

International accountancy and taxation services

  • Advice for business consortia
  • Advice and planning on international investment
  • Advice and planning on indirect taxation
  • Sector-specific advice on VAT recovery
  • Assistance concerning Revenue audits
  • Assistance with tax authorities and negotiating agreements prior to assessment
  • Design and implementation of transfer pricing
  • Qualified accountant
  • Financial planning for the transfer of intangibles assets
  • Financial planning for the repatriation of capital and divestment processes

Local and regional taxation

  • Assistance with inspection by local and regional authorities
  • Taxes, local taxes and fees
  • Claims and appeals by the authorities
  • Representation, particularly during inspections by relevant official bodies
  • Taxation in the autonomous regions

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