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Cookies Policy

‘Cookies’ are small text files that are installed on the equipment (computer, mobile phone, et.) from which you access our website. They can store the identification of the user who visits the sites s/he browses. When the user (you in this case) visits us again, we read the cookies to recognise you and remember your preferences and browsing configuration. If a use does not authorise the use of cookies, some website features or services may not be available.

We want our website to offer a good service and be easy to use. Our goal is to offer customised products and services. In this respect, cookies allow us to:

  • Identify registered users when they return to the site so they can retrieve the results or their previous activity
  • Save time by avoiding the need to re-enter the same information
  • Protect your safety by checking the details of your login

Some cookies from external sources are employed to analyse statistically the information that users access from our sit. Data collected may include:

  • The activity of the user’s browser when s/he visits us
  • The route followed by followed by users on our site
  • Information from their Internet provider
  • The number of times visitors access our site
  • Their behaviour on it (pages visited, forms completed, etc.)

They can also identify users that visit us following an invitation from a partner site or a sponsored link.

You may withdraw your consent to use these cookies by deleting them from the options offered by your browser.

To receive additional information about he activity of the companies advertising on the Internet and how to remove your data from their records, you may visit www.networkadvertising.org.

Our website uses the following cookies from external sources:

  • Joomla, to collect user tracking information for statistical purposes: 068c92b52777f09c820c93fb9f0e7f85 and 2acd620e51afe4e80cfcb5218a8453f4. These cookies are active only during your current session. Cookies jfcookie[lang] serve to remember the user’s language preferences

You can configure your browser to gibe you advanced notice of the possible installation of cookies. You can also opt for cookies to be deleted automatically once you close the browser, computer or device. You can learn how to do it on:

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